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The Chase Fleet Adventures

The Sisters of Jezebel

Fleet must foil the plot of a group of feminists who’s plan for total domination includes threatening to release a virus that affects only men as 'proof' of the supremacy of their Goddess.


The Eyes of Christ

An assignment to help bring the financial downfall of a virulent anti-Christian media mogul turns into a desperate race to recover a valuable Christian artifact.


Fleet's Crucible (Coming Soon)

The murder of a diplomat throws Fleet into a galactic conspiracy at the same time an unknown enemy launches persistent assassination attempts against him, all this complicated by the reunion with Shane Clooney, the first great love of his life, who had abruptly ended their romance and disappeared after his religious conversion.


Never Let the Right Hand Know (Almost Completed)

A chance meeting with an Israeli assassin leads Fleet into a surprise reunion with his long missing father, and pits the three of them against a cult of murderers intent on launching a terrorist attack at a church dedication.



As of August 2011 there are 18 Fleet adventures, from completed to detailed outlines to a single sentence synopsis.


These are the first four in chronological order.


Check here for status updates and availability of future Fleet adventures.

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